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The intellectual property rights of Herstal

Hereafter referred to as IPR (intellectual property rights)

With use of Herstal IPR that in any way include or affect the Google page ranking, general SEO and other things which might be thought to have the purpose of improving the availability of a website in relation to people seeking and access to Herstal products, the following rules and rights are to be respected.

Can I use image material, logo and texts from Herstal (IPR)?

If you want to make use of Herstal IPR (including image material, logo and texts), you must make a written request to info@herstal.dk, write ‘Herstal IPR’ in the subject field. 

Please include the following:
- The specific product the query is about.
- If the query applies to a specific text, the text is copied into along with a description of what it is for.
- We will review your request and you will thereafter receive an answer by mail.


I am a retailer or distributor. Am I allowed to use image material, logo and texts from Herstal (IPR)? 

Yes, you are allowed to use the IPR of Herstal, but only if it is in agreement with our rules and guidelines.
All content on www.herstal.dk are owned by Herstal and it must not be used or reproduced without written consent from Herstal. This applies to text, graphics, logos and images.
The IPR of Herstal has a great value. By following our guidelines you help us protect our rights in relation to the Herstal brand, while it also strengthen and increase awareness of Herstal.

Images may be used, but with different image names. Likewise, texts can only be used as inspiration for your own texts, created in other formulations. 

I have an idea for a new product. Can I send my idea to Herstal? 

By principle Herstal does not receive ideas for design and naming. This is decided to avoid any misunderstandings and disagreements, if the designs and products of Herstal have similarities with the design you have submitted.


We are open to expand our organization with talented designers who can contribute to the purpose of Herstal and want to travel with the story. Candidates for this purpose, please turn to us to engage in a respectful and motivating process that can ensure the interests of all parties. Contact us at info@herstal.dk and write: ‘design aspirants’ in the subject field. 

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